Supplier guarantee.

Freight forwarding company STAR TRADE SIA provides a full range of services for the organization of international cargo transportation by all types of transport.

  • We provide freight transportation, we carry out rail, sea, road, automobile transportation.
  • We are engaged in the transportation and storage of goods in customs and excise warehouses, we draw up accompanying transport documents.
  • Heated storage facilities are provided.
  • We handle cargo in warehouses, including loading and unloading, palletizing, pasting with stickers, marking with excise stamps and so on. A comprehensive service for the delivery of excise goods is provided.
  • We offer the most beneficial solutions for each client.
  • We solve any issues related to cargo transportation.
  • We provide a guarantee for the time of transportation and storage.
  • We develop and implement new logistics schemes to optimize the solution to your problems.


What does cooperation with STAR TRADE SIA give you:


  • Development of unique logistics solutions of any complexity.
  • Full complex or separate logistics services.
  • Prompt solution of emerging issues with a personal manager.
  • Integrated system of planning of goods flows and reporting based on your requirements.
  • Delivery of large consignments of cargo of any size and profile.
  • Protecting your commercial and market interests.
  • Cargo insurance on favorable terms.
  • Use of modern telecommunication technologies in work.
  • Providing services of a customs broker and customs guarantees.


STAR TRADE SIA employees are always ready to provide advice on organizing logistics and advise you on the best options for handling and delivery of goods.

We are focused on building stable and profitable partnerships. We solve your tasks 24/7.