— Air Freight
Star Trade is a transport
and logistics company offering
air freight worldwide.

When you need to transport cargo by plane

  • Transcontinental cargo transportation
  • Urgent cargo transportation
  • Sending cargo to hard-to-reach and isolated areas
  • Transportation of specific or particularly valuable goods, such as animals or sensitive equipment.

Cargo suitable for shipment by plane

  • Heavy
  • Perishable
  • Requiring special delivery conditions
  • Oversized and hazardous
— Rail Freight
Rail freight is one of the most popular, convenient and economical types of freight transportation. A variety of containers for rail freight allows you to transport almost any goods — from flammable liquids to the transportation of exotic animals.


  • High throughput and carrying capacity
  • Transportation does not depend on the time of year, day and climatic conditions
  • High regularity of transportation
  • Quite low tariffs, especially when it comes to the transportation of goods over long distances
  • High speed of delivery of goods over distances of more than 1500 km
— Sea Freight

We can transport hazardous, fragile and perishable goods by the sea, as well as bulk and piled up cargo.


  • Low cost of transportation
  • Safe — minimal risk of theft, damage or loss of goods
  • There are no restrictions on the types of goods — you can transport hazardous, fragile, heavy and bulky cargo
— Road Freight

We organize the transportation of all types of cargo, as well as comply with the necessary conditions. For example, combined delivery of goods requires a special storage temperature regime. With the help of car transportation, you can transport hazardous goods or oversized cargo at any distance.